Why are the best MPs on the backbenches and what are they doing there?

British politics at the moment is dominated by one issue – Brexit. A referendum supposedly fought to 'take back control' now sees the Prime Minister taking over negotiations as she can not rely on her Cabinet or her own Party. There is no majority in Parliament for any of the rumoured solutions – none of [...]


When I first moved to Manchester with my family all I knew was that George Best lived here! In retrospect I think he had already moved on, but he cast a giant shadow. Later I realised that the city was not only the home of football, but of radicalism and of a multi-cultural population which [...]


For many years if you had asked me to name the people I most admired Aung San Suu Kyi – the Lady – would have been high on the list. A woman who combined the intellectualism of a Western education with the serenity and spirituality of her Buddhist heritage. A woman who left her family [...]


  This is written in anger – it may be controversial - but frankly if you believe 'that there are good people on both sides', that there is violence 'on all sides, on all sides' – then get back to tweeting and read Breitbart. I am furious that these inadequate unfeeling people are trying to [...]