When I first moved to Manchester with my family all I knew was that George Best lived here! In retrospect I think he had already moved on, but he cast a giant shadow. Later I realised that the city was not only the home of football, but of radicalism and of a multi-cultural population which [...]


  This is written in anger – it may be controversial - but frankly if you believe 'that there are good people on both sides', that there is violence 'on all sides, on all sides' – then get back to tweeting and read Breitbart. I am furious that these inadequate unfeeling people are trying to [...]

Personal thoughts on Manchester and terrorism

One month after the suicide bombing at Manchester Arena how has the city reacted. We have just celebrated Manchester Day - a colourful parade of community groups through the city centre - in steaming hot temperatures. I live in the city centre, the main road always rings with the sound of sirens as we are [...]

Memories of the Women’s March – January 2017

Pamela Berry – co-organiser of the Women's March and a Masters' student at MMU is compiling an archive of interviews with participants in the Women's March on 21 January. This will form a part of the radical collection of the Manchester libraries sound archives and build on the city's history of campaigning for women's rights [...]