Why are the best MPs on the backbenches and what are they doing there?

British politics at the moment is dominated by one issue – Brexit. A referendum supposedly fought to 'take back control' now sees the Prime Minister taking over negotiations as she can not rely on her Cabinet or her own Party. There is no majority in Parliament for any of the rumoured solutions – none of [...]


It has become a commonplace – every time a celebrity dies before their time I assume that the cause is suicide as the result of depression. Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Lucy Birley, Ellie Soutter – a roll call of people who seemed to have it all – money, success, rewarding work, friends and family, but [...]

Why I’m no longer listening to Germaine Greer

We live in febrile political times – rational polite debate is a thing of the past and the voices we hear are strident and allow for no compromise. Donald Trump transformed a reputation as a loud contrarian into a political career and his base continue to repeat his words, with little thought or evidence. Boris [...]