Why I’m no longer listening to Germaine Greer

We live in febrile political times – rational polite debate is a thing of the past and the voices we hear are strident and allow for no compromise. Donald Trump transformed a reputation as a loud contrarian into a political career and his base continue to repeat his words, with little thought or evidence. Boris [...]


When I first moved to Manchester with my family all I knew was that George Best lived here! In retrospect I think he had already moved on, but he cast a giant shadow. Later I realised that the city was not only the home of football, but of radicalism and of a multi-cultural population which [...]

Memories of the Women’s March – January 2017

Pamela Berry – co-organiser of the Women's March and a Masters' student at MMU is compiling an archive of interviews with participants in the Women's March on 21 January. This will form a part of the radical collection of the Manchester libraries sound archives and build on the city's history of campaigning for women's rights [...]

Why Don’t We… Have Political Equality when Equality is Better for Everyone?

When you vote on June 8th what issues will influence you? Brexit, war with North Korea, terrorism, immigration – or austerity, child care, education, the NHS, social care and the basic unfairness of our society. Will politicians be campaigning on 'women's issues', recognising that the economy does not work for the majority, and that the [...]