Lessons from Lockdown

As we come to the end of Lockdown III in the UK – I am using the opportuity to review this year and see if I can draw some lessons – some way of using this experience for good.

And frankly I am not doing well. Where work and health is concerned I am surprised at my own resilience – both mental and physical. I have been working from home for 13 months – spending all day speaking with people with problems. I have taken my daily walk, watched too much streaming and avoided social media and trash TV.

But my personal life – I have now realised that my solitary life was a dress rehearsal for Covid. As a child I was told that people did not like me and I would never have friends. So I learned to be happy with my own company. If only I had known that I was preparing for a worldwide pandemic!

So life without family and friends is the norm – but is it healthy and do I want this to be my future? And do I have a choice?

Will colleagues and acquaintances accept my invitations in the new normal or will I once again have to realise that my mother was right – even in a post-pandemic world some things do not change?

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