It has become a commonplace – every time a celebrity dies before their time I assume that the cause is suicide as the result of depression.

Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Lucy Birley, Ellie Soutter – a roll call of people who seemed to have it all – money, success, rewarding work, friends and family, but each decided one day that they could no longer go on. Some celebrities are open about their depression – about the resulting eating disorders and substance abuse and how difficult it is to fight this disease everyday. Demi Lovato has shared her story and now her relapse.

I would guess that I am not a typical Lovato fan – I knew some of her story and that she was bulimic – if you have an eating disorder it is a bit like gaydar. When I read the lyrics of Sober I share the shame of failing again and of letting yourself down.

A mother who hangs herself, another who uses a shotgun, a man whose personality and confidence almost burst out of the TV screen and an 18 year old Olympic hopeful.

If they cannot go on, how can I?

When a possible cancer diagnosis seems like the solution to all my problems – knowing that I would face this alone, but with the hope that I no longer have to wake up and face yet another day.

Depression does not discriminate – however successful your life may seem to the outside world – however beautiful, popular or rich – we all have to wake up and face another dawn. We have to give life another chance.

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