This is written in anger – it may be controversial – but frankly if you believe ‘that there are good people on both sides’, that there is violence ‘on all sides, on all sides’ – then get back to tweeting and read Breitbart.

I am furious that these inadequate unfeeling people are trying to hijack our civilisation – I want to really take back our countries, our cities and our lives – from prejudice, violence and hate.


I make no apology for equating Nazis, white power and Islamists – they may hate each other, but they hate us more and they have a lot in common. Because they fear and hate women – they deny us the right to a public life and to control over our own bodies. Because they fear other religions and sexualities – they attack ‘heretics’ and ‘deviants’. Because their own world view is a dead end of conformity, hatred, ignorance and violence – they attack our culture of openness and love. Because they know they are a minority, they subvert democracy through violence.


Whether it is the climate change deniers – who ignore the destruction of our planet. The US cabinet members denying reproductive health care to poor women in the developing world. The swastika carrying demonstrator defending his threatened masculinity with a gun. Or the young migrant who expresses his own fear and frustration by committing to murder and death.

So how can we respond – we can tweet our support, post on Facebook – but we have to do more. Every day we must show through our words and deeds that we support an open, democratic and welcoming society, that our civilisation is one where women can take their place in the public sphere – where it is safe to live a different life fully expressing one’s identity – where our daughters can go to concerts and dress as they wish with no fear of harassment or death. Where our gay friends can live and love in safety. Where we embrace difference, not merely tolerate it. Where people of every race and colour bring their culture to add to our lives. And where our Moslem sisters can make their own decisions about their lives without  fear. And where migrants can enjoy the rights for which we have fought, free of the intolerance and violence from which they have escaped.

We have to take back our countries – enjoy our civilisation – our music, our culture, our streets – these people cannot take our freedom. We must show through our lives that our culture is worth defending, that love is stronger than hate. And we must get involved – we can no longer live in ghettoes – we must speak to our neighbours – no longer isolate ourselves with people who are like us – we must talk, organise and when we have the opportunity we must vote.

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