Every morning I wake up depressed – I lie in bed and contemplate the barren wasteland that is my life.

I can go right back to my school days, go through all the wrong decisions I have ever made – in other words every decision I have ever made and all this before I have even had a cup of coffee.

I will go through my day – cancelling every plan and wishing I was still asleep. With the help of social media I can clear my day without even leaving my bed and emails fly through cyberspace as I let people down once again – most especially I let down myself.

But if I let the feelings linger – if I acknowledge that I always feel bad – if I see them as clouds flitting across my sky, as transient emotions that I do not need to act on – then the day already seems brighter.

I get up and with coffee, some exercise and a little bit of positive thinking the day really begins.

I am not saying this is easy. I may never be the kind of person who jumps out of bed with a smile on my face – but I can survive – I need not destroy my life, because of the morning blues.

But first all I have to get out of bed.

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