Why do I want to live an authentic life?

I am a person of very definite opinions – about almost everything – one of the great sorrows of my life is that people do not behave as I would like! But of course we cannot make people agree with us. It is difficult enough to change one’s own behaviour never mind that of others. So I am starting with the woman in the mirror.

Why change? Because I am heartily sick of living an inauthentic life, of saying that I believe one thing and behaving in a completely self-sabotaging way.

The world has changed so much – for women in the First World we have opportunities that our mothers and grandmothers could not imagine. As a single middle aged women I have bought my own flat, I can live in a cosmopolitan city, where I meet people from every corner of the world. I can dress like a teenager and enjoy the fast changing culture of the 21st century.

I can express my personal and political views – as an activist, a blogger and as a citizen.

I can identify as a feminist and know that I am in the tradition of strong, articulate women who fought to build a more equal world.

So when will I live up to my ideals and principles? It is a battle everyday to fully take my place in society, to have the confidence to ask for what I need, to admit my weaknesses and to live authentically.

Life is not a test of theory – it is not enough to have great principles, but fail to put them into action.

So today like every day I will strive to live mindfully, with compassion to others and most importantly to myself. To care for myself so that I can have the strength to participate fully in this challenging wonderful life.

















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